Week in review

Weekly I’d like to get a little personal with you and look at stuff that I’ve been up to. My hope is to show you some fun things that I’ve been upto outside the stay at home dad world and perhaps give you some ideas for kid friendly activities.

What it’ll probably look like; I’ll illustrate what a massive nerd I am, you’ll see my complete ineptitude as a house husband, and perhaps it’ll be a little embarrassing for me.

Either way I think it’ll be entertaining.

Best stuff I’ve listened to

The Greatest Generation:A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast.

Being a massive Star Trek nerd is something my wife and kids have had to come to terms with over the years, and if I can find any chance to watch The Next Generation again, after 30 odd years, I will. The Greatest Generation has given me that chance, and what a chance. Offered in podcast format (one of my favorite formats currently) its easily played in the background while you do some cooking or cleaning, the two hosts are very relatable and quite funny.

Ben Harrison and Adam Pranica are working through the Start Trek Next Generation episodes in chronological order and offer some unique 2016 insights. It’s very amusing and has offered me the chance to re-watch the episodes with some new appreciation.


Format: Each podcast episode is roughly 30 minutes long, and might be a little bawdy for kids ears.

Sidenote: Listening has given me a chance to re-watch these “classics” but has also introduced Star Trek to my kids who have actually responded surprisingly well to the show, and seem to quite enjoy it. I’ve noticed that Star Trek contains a lot of the same themes that their favorite Nickelodeon shows do, and the content is absolutely child friendly.

Best stuff I’ve watched

My eldest daughter has just started to obsess over the Nickelodeon show iCarly, which follows three young people producing an online web show aimed at their school pals.

Having watched the spin off Sam and Cat, I’m quite familiar with the cast and format, and can quiet easily watch this show for slightly longer than Scooby Doo. lLets just say its far more accessible than other trash that they could be watching.

Its also quite humorous at times, especially the older brother who’s very inept and often appears awkwardly in the background eating.

Best stuff on the internet

Open Culture: Pangea map with current political boarders.

An interesting graphic of where current boarders would fall if it were still configured like Pangea.

High-Powered Plasma Turns Garbage Into Gas

Over at Wired (always good) they look into the gasification of our trash, fascinating. There’s also a great podcast from Stuff You Should Know here.


Horizontal History

Wait But Why is quickly becoming my most viewed website, lots of information here to read and learn. Particularly this page that shows history in a very different format, super interesting.

Well thats it, hope that was mildly fun, see you next week.



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