Rubber Ducks

I imagine that there is a vast wasteland of discarded rubber ducks, all slowly rotating on an ocean of filth. Their ominous blue eyes glaring back through eternity.

Lets think about it:

I have three kids, each one of those has had at least 5 rubber ducks in their lifetime, that’s 15 rubber ducks.

The population of the world according to the CIA world fact book is 7,256,490,011 and we can conceivable say that all of these people have been alive during the reign of the rubber duck.

Naturally not all of these people would have access to rubber ducks, conservatively I’ve just taken the top 5 western countries total populations (based on the assumption that western countries are more likely to have a rubber duck culture).

The number is now: 567,965,096

Lets assume that at some point each of these people had at least 5 rubber ducks in their lifetime.

Thats: 2,839,825,480 rubber ducks.

Now lets assume (yes there’s a lot of assumptions in this but it’s a fun thought experiment so why not) that the average rubber duck occupies 30 square centimeters.

That’s a total of: 85,194,764,400 sq/cm or 8.51947644 sq/km

This is how much that’d take up in:

New York City, United States of America. 

Paris, France.

Sydney, Australia.

Ok it’s an incredibly inaccurate, unscientific, thought experiment, but still a thought provoking one, maybe.



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