Have you got undies on?

Questions you never thought you’d have to ask.

  • Have you got undies on?
  • Why are there biscuits in the toilet?
  • Why are you all naked?
  • What’s that floating in the bath?
  • Why is there food on the walls?
  • Why is my YouTube subscibed to 56 Minecraft channels?
  • What did you eat for lunch (On account that the entire contents of your lunch box is still there)?
  • Can you please listen to me?
  • Can you see what I’m doing?
  • Does it look like were home?
  • Why are you looking in the fridge again?

    And the list goes on. 


    2 thoughts on “Have you got undies on?

      • I know, its crazy the stuff you’re having to say sometimes. And hey thanks heaps for the view and comments, I really appreciate it. Feel free to share on social media if you’re so inclined. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter @dadruleblog
        Have an awesome day.

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