Power Song.

Power songs drive your family to be better and more unified.

I have several power songs for my kids, and it’s no surprise that they’re mostly 80’s Glam Rock Power Ballard’s. 

Young Turks 

By Rod Stewart 

On Tonight I’m Yours – 1981

A great song with a confusing title from an album with a creepy name, enough said.

You’re The Best (Around)

By Joe Esposito 

On The Karate Kid Movie Sound Track – 1984

What a song! So uplifting while also making you want to break boards.

Mr Bluesky

By ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)

On Out Of The Blue – 1977

The only song that makes you want to greet the day no matter how many kids you have.

Two Tickets to Paradise 

By Eddie Money

On Eddie Money – 1977

Great guitar riff.

Nightclub Amnesia 

By Ratatat

On Magnifique – 2015

Just damn dancy and funky, the kids really get down to this one.

Bloody Well Right

By Supertramp 

On Crime Of The Century – 1974

It’s just great saying Bloody Well Right over and over.

There’s plenty more power songs out there, go explore.


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