We all worry.

We worry about; paying the bills, getting to work on time, getting home on time, not speeding, eating healthy, being decent, and whole truck loads of other stuff.

It’s ok to worry, heck it’s part of the human condition. 

But do you ever get the impression that, as human beings, we’re worrying a whole lot more than we ever did? And that the worry is grossly misguided?

Our worry, anxiety, seems to be mounting like a giant camel hump on societies back bone.

Sure they used to worry in the good old days; they’d worry about getting diphtheria or gonorrhea, or your kids dying from some plague, or being killed by a rouge criminal.

All that’s gone for the most part, in the 2nd and 1st worlds anyway.

We’ve conquering most of the infectious ways to die, we understand the natural world a whole lot more, and psychology has unearthed so many human states that we’re becoming better at understanding human actions.

So without notice suddenly the shit we worry about is far more innocuous; is our IPhone charged enough for the whole day, will that mayo push me over my caloric intake, do these shoes match my belt, not to mention my bag?

They don’t sound as pressing as; will I bleed from my eyes and ears before I die?

Do they?

What’s this all leading too?


This worry seems to be a natural human condition, but you’d think having eliminated most of the true worries we’d have the capacity to be more attentive to the realm outside the worry.

Yet everyday we see people buried in their phone screens worrying, lining up worrying, in traffic worrying. 

All the while our kids stand idly by wondering what they’ll have to worry about when they’re bigger.

I wonder what the next state for human kind will be?


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