For some time now I’ve been seeing the term Superdad with obligatory Superdad photo attached.

Many of these pictures represent a guy, usually far buffer and more tattooed than me, laying shirtless with a tiny baby sleeping on his chest. 

The implication here is that these dudes are doing something totally foreign to an “average” dad. 

It tells that only Superdads can have a sleeping baby on their bare chests, or may I be so bold as to say be a Stay At Home Dad!

That might be a leap but lets go with it.

It’s been just over one year since I became a Stay At Home Dad and I’ve learnt a bunch, and its been a thoroughly rewarding experience for me and my girls.

But what I noticed most, when I first made the choice, was what people decided to say openly to me:

“You’re a braver man than me!”

“Such a good man.”

“Taking a bullet for the team, good man!”

“Wow big choice, how will you survive?”

“How will you get a job when they’re are old enough?”

It’s important to note that it was a broad mix of male and female making these statements, I’d have to say it was heavier on the female side though.

There’s two things here that get my goat up, admittedly it’s hard to get it up but after a year of contemplation and hearing this theme the time has come, baah!


Why is it so hard to understand, or even expect, a dad would want to throw in his career to spend time raising his kids? 

It’s not a super human act, or even a Superdad act. It’s a parental act and should be expected in a 50/50 divide by mums and dads.

Just like the work place isn’t a male only zone the home isn’t either, dad’s should have equal share with the raising of their kids.

This is 2016 folks, dad doesn’t have to be working in a high powered job or other such manly field, or out the back chopping wood, to be a good dad. 

In fact a hands on dad is probably more important.


What about Supermum?

Oh that’s right she’s expected to be at home with the kids, so there’s nothing super about that!

Bull s#!t.

Why the dichotomy? Why say dad is super when he does what mum’s always done? 

It makes no god damn sense.

They’re both parents, super or otherwise.


If you love your kids, hug them, read to them, tuck them in, drive them places, stay at home with them, and do all those other parental duties, then that’s just what you are a parent.

However if you do manage to one day; pull them from a burning building, rescue them from a super villain, or prevent zombies from eating them, then you’ve earned the Superdad or Supermum monikers.

Just be there for them and be super.


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