They’re Tactile Beings

Kids are tactile beings, they love; socks on their hands, masks on their faces, non-food stuffs in their mouths.

The most troubling thing is when they go nappy free and proceed to doggy slide around the floor.

Being that we know they’re creatures of a tactile nature why not use that to your advantage.


When thinking about their habitat you should consider what they’re likely to be doing:

  • Climbing
  • Jumping
  • Swinging
  • Astounding Acrobatics

Where should you place that mat? Will they be sliding on it? Do you want them to be sliding on it?

The lounge; does it have an ingress from all sides? Only the front? Front and back? Do you care if they clamber all over this unit? How safe is it?

Your TV unit, this is important, how dangerous would that be should it fall? I don’t think you’d want your little ones scaling that piece of furniture.


Toys will be a constant companion for your kids, they’ll develop personalities that only your kids will know and identify with, I just realised how creepy that is, a real horror theme.

How much access will they need? How much do you want them to have? Who’ll be responsible for the access and pack away?

Just remember these things will likely become a trip and injury hazard when night time falls.


This is simple; where are the little monsters going to eat? 

If you like order then there’s only one location:

The dining table.


Stuff is all that stuff that arrives without notice, things that have homes and don’t.

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Socks
  • The all valuable TV remotes

Kids will do stuff with this stuff that will boggle your mind, especially kitchen utensils, oh they’ll be used for everything from fake meals to murder weapons, from devices to dig with to pool toys.

Shoes can be worn or left in wait as a trap, you can break your ankle on any number of shoes in your lifetime.

Everything else will appear and vanish as required, but more often than not will just vanish when most needed.

Hands On

Kids are tactile beings, they need lots of space, but equally thrive when it’s closer quarters, they’ll bounce off walls, send plates and bowls crashing, and wear every hat you ever owned all at once.

As I said they’re tactile beings and it’s our job to ensure they get the physical stimulation that’s required, it’s equally important as their mental stimulation.


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