Sometimes its easy to just see the negitive behavior and react to that. Often there’s positive behaviors happening around and as a result of the negative ones.

Although its easy to just blast negativity at them, but dont forget to be open to the good they’re doing also.

For example:

My daughter takes forever to get ready every morning, and I sound like a broken record, “Get your shoes on, brush your hair, is your bag packed?” Ect.

And every morning we’re late, school takes 15 minutes to get too and she’s almost 9 years old so I expect her to get most of her stuff ready by herself. 

Sure it’s easy to harp on at for her taking ages, but most days, with a lot of encouragement, she manages to get it done. So when she does, it’s important for me to praise her rather than just being a cranky old bugger about being late.

She goes to school feeling good, and I go away feeling like a semi decent parent. 



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