Kids Are Little Monsters 

They’ll eat all the food, scratch up every CD you ever owned, stain and rip all your clothes, bugger up the needle on your record player, live in the fridge, resist sleep, hog the TV, subscribe crazy stuff to your YouTube profile, run up a credit bill on ITunes, tear up the vegi garden, drain the power from every electronic device, mark the walls, wreck their rooms, add a layer of stick to the car floor that’ll never go away, chip and break every piece of crockery, sing too loudly, eat too messly, run when they should walk, lay down whan they should run, scream when you brush their hair, fight if you dare try to cut their nails, scare the cat, move furniture, play in the toilet, poo, wee, and snot everywhere, punch, scratch, and drive you totally nuts.

But we’ll  still let them in the house after all of that. 


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