Having Guests

Sometimes you have friends, who have kids, over for dinner or coffee or whatever, and more often than not this event will follow a three stage track.

These stages tend to coincide with the children’s emotional states of the evening.


On Arriva the kids will conduct themselves with quiet dignity, a kind of respect for the strange surroundings, generally because they don’t know what to expect, what the reception will be, and how the afternoon will unfold.

Each group of kids, the home side and the visiting side, will quietly size each other up. Slowly make contact, and eventually they will make terms and start to play quietly.

The Joining

Having made terms with each other they now feel free to be a bit more like themselves, their guards will have dropped a little and they play freely.

The free play makes way for a bit of rough housing, which makes way for running, which makes way for screaming, and eventually evolves into some pretty wild behavior.

Unnecessary Awkwardness

The inevitable time comes that the kids have become so tired it’s only sugar and want driving them forwards.

The parents are looking to each other for guidance on what’s to happen next, some silent moments pass, and both feel it would be rude to either wrap up and leave, or insist that the guests leave.

The kids however are wired and high on several hours of unabated play.

The parents, driven by coffee and wine, one will make the bold move and assemble the troops. The night will end, not awkwardly, but thankfully for all involved.

A sigh of relief will fall on all adults at this time.


It will be a fun time for all, but a tiring one; kids will nestle into bed quickly, parents will nurse another glass of wine while Netflixing.

Thankful for a good day and many tired kids.


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