The Cull

Sometimes you just have to cull stuff from you life or house. We all build huge walls of crap that we cling to like the life blood. 

Make a choice to get that stuff out, especially near Christmas and birthdays, because as your shopping junk out the front door new junks pouring in the back door.

Toys are a great example of stuff you should periodically sort though and cull, but be warned it will render your garbage bin useless for quite some time.


  1. A thorough clean; work through the boxes and clean out all the trash, if you’re like us from time to time stuff ends up where it shouldn’t, a chocolate wrapper here, a paddlepop stick there. Clean that junk out.
  2. Remove stuff that doesn’t belong; Toys that should be in a certain kids rooms, things that aren’t toys that now live with toys, get ’em out and return them to their homes 
  3. Sort and cull; sort the stuff into piles or boxes that they belong in: LEGO with LEGO, dolls with dolls, blocks with blocks. As you do this be ruthless, bag stuff that you need to get rid of, don’t over think it, don’t get sentimental. And by bag I mean a garbage bag, one of those big black ones that don’t rupture and have a muscle bound hero embossed on the side.
  4. Pack away all the sorted and cleaned toys, trash everything else.

A few simple rules

  • Make a time limit for last usage, say to yourself, “If I/the kids haven’t used it in the last ____ months then it’s gone.”
  • Avoid sentimentality, nothing makes you hold onto junk like sentiment; ugly dolls dresses and dirty blocks don’t hold a candle up to your kids.
  • Complete one room, or box at a time, break the task up into easy to manage bites. It’s a bit like doing long runs: just run till the next telegraph pole, then that rock, the sign post. Before you know it you’ve run a marathon, or culled a room.
  • Don’t engage your kids unless it’s something trike important to them. Kids by nature are sentimental beings, they will drag this process to hell.
  • Most of all enjoy it.

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