Stuff That A Vacuum Won’t Suck.

Believe you me I’ve tried to suck any number of things up the vacuum cleaner tube, and can usually judge accurately what items will fit and successfully make it through the desk top printer level of complexity that makes up the vacuum cleaners innards.

But every now and then I come across somethings that just won’t succumb to the powerful pull off the 141 air Watt motor.


  • Unbroken rice crackers
  • Soft drink bottle caps are the exact width of the vacuums tube
  • As are beer bottle tops
  • Paper bigger than an inch
  • Berries make it but the mess isn’t worth it
  • Twigs and leaves
  • Spaghetti strands (uncooked)
  • Hair pins

With its seaming inability to suck all of this stuff the machine still managers to make short work of socks and undies.


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