Day 9

I meant to write this earlier, but it’s just come to me. 

Several weeks ago, before Christmas we got a knock on the door, on answering we found it was our neighbours from two doors up. 

Now we don’t see these people often, mostly when one of us is backing out of the drive while the other is working in the garden. 

In any case their two little girls were with them (8 and 10 I’d say) and they wished to give my girls their old dolls house.

With my kids watching, and the overwhelming generosity of these kids I couldn’t say no, so I walked up too their police and helped the dad carry it into our living room. 

Now this dolls house is a magnificent the story Barbie mansion, with lifts and stairs and fully appointed kitchen. Needless to say my kids love it. 

However the point is, kids have a gleefully generous nature for the most part, and that should be fostered. 


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