Expected Guests

There are times you’ll have people come that have been invited: friends, family, etc, and you’ll plan these events and try and have the house to a certain level of tidiness.

Then there are other expected guests who are coming to do something: tradies, sparkies, and plumbers, and yet again you’ll try to have your house cleaned to a certain level.

The difference between these two groups is simply the effort and time you put into each clean.

On one hand your family and friends know you don’t run as smooth a ship as outward appearances would display. Rubbish permeates every spare space, clothes line the floors like discard skin, and the cat litter may not be cleaned quite enough. Let’s hope they give you some grace in this.

On the other hand a tradie probably doesn’t give a toss if any of that stuff is laying around, as long he/she can access the power point, drain, circuit, or cavity. Getting the job done is their priority.

However when the expected guest is on the brink of arrival we all dash around doing a clean up like a parent who’s bought ADHD medication from another parent with the intention of getting more done in their day, bear in mind they probably don’t have ADHD. 

And like any good university or college student we all know you can get more accomplished with a last minute cram session than you can from a whole months worth of studying.

This is the beauty of the planned guest, suddenly you have a seemingly clean house in a matter of minutes.


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