You will get used to the typical morning, it’ll initially be a shock, but your brain will come around. 

When it does come around it’ll be no less shocking or stressful, but at least it’ll be expected and somewhat predictable. 

The event will start with a sudden waking, usually the youngest of your brood. He or she will just be there, their tiny face as close as humanly possible. Giant cold cold eyes looking into your soul through your closed lids. 

As your eyes spring open you’ll be reminded of the slew of horror movies that you’ve watched, the creepy child, the inexplicable events surrounding them. 

Then the noise, like a distant storm across an expansive field, the rumble of feet on wooden floorboards, the chatter of a thousand mouths, demented ramblings. 

Not unlike a pile of dirty dishes ready to topple, your day hangs by a hairbreadth of falling in a heap. 

Balance it right and you’ll emerge unscathed, if not…



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