Grass Killers

There’s a variety of things that you’re kids will desire that will also destroy your lovingly tended grass. 

Inflatable pools take ages to blow up, even longer to fill with water, and are so cumbersome to put down. Why not leave it up and turn that verdant green meadow into a field of brown horror. 

Trampolines are wonderful exercise, a great way to encourage active play in your kids, and will improve the growth of your grass in the exact shape of the mat ten fold. That is until you mow it and find regrowth not unlike an odd ladies blue rinse gone wrong.

Yoga mats, vibrant in colour, springy to the foot, and a sure fire way to kill anything they rest on. I’ve even used one to kill rouge weeds on my driveway. It’s a thing of beauty. Unless of course you don’t like rectangular dead grass outlines in your lawn. 

When using weed killer be sure sure not to get any on the soles of your feet…

That’s all I have to say about that.


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