Those People

I’m a curious kinda guy, I like to know how things work, what’s the back story, who was involved. 

This curiosity extends into every part of my life, including kids shows. Sometimes in these shows something sparks my inquisitiveness in a way that I have to know, that thing, the obscure truth about the producers choice or the directors decision.

So as an effect of my curiosity I sometimes go looking, and in this looking my travels take me down some strange and sometimes scary place of YouTube rabbit holes.

What I’ve discovered is that there is an inordinate number of people watching kids shows that don’t have kids themselves, and further more they like to dissect them on their own YouTube channel. 

Perhaps more disturbing than that, they sometimes go off on rants about breaking show rules, continuity errors, and poor decisions made by the production crew. 

These people are the ones who are just a bit too hardcore to be Star Wars or Star Trek fans.


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