Stuff Parents Say

As parents we tend to say a lot of things that our kids believe wholesale whether they’re true or not. 

Some are below with the belief we tend to instill in them. Feel free to add your own treasures in the comments section.

“It’ll be cooler if you sit really still” 

We say this with unwavering confidence that it’s the truth and that it will actually help with the oppressive heat. 

In truth I feel this is just a ruse so that the kids will go off and be quiet, letting us suffer in the heat unabated.

“Stop turning the lights on and off, you’re wasting electricity”

Sure it’s a fact that turning a light on uses power and in effect wastes it, but I believe it’s been conclusively shown that you don’t use excessive power in the turning on phase, i.e. There is no additional power usage to get the light on.

The real reason for this statement could simply be that all parents hate the clicking sound of a light switch.

“You can’t swim for at least 1/2 an hour after you’ve eaten”

Surely we’ve all said this at one point or another and know that it’s an old wives tale designed simply so that we don’t have to get up and watch them swim. 

It’s more about our comfort and less about their stomachs.

“It’s almost the witching hour, that’s when witches take kids who aren’t asleep”

Naturally this is just a scare tactic, I’m not sure that any child has ever been taken by a witch because they aren’t asleep. 

I certainly hope not. 

“Go play on the freeway”


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