Kindly Nuts

In your parental life you’ll attend things, lots of things: soccer, swimming, athletics, dancing, martial arts, scouts, guides, gaming things, you name it and you’ll probably have to spend an awkward hour or more with other awkward parents.

But sometimes, just sometimes you’ll spend the time with a kindly nut.

Kindly nuts are people who generally share too much information about things they like, dislike, or are indifferent about.

And they’ll tell you every facet of their “passion”.

You’ll hear about how someone special to them almost died here, or why they don’t trust the government, then there’s the overly proud grandparents, which is decidedly better than the uninterested grandparent who are just there out of obligation.

Your best course of action is to nod polity and wait for a lull, then get the hell outta there.


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