Saw Horse

In my experience kids love tools, they love handling them, trying them, and just been inquisitive.

For example I recently started repairing and painting some doors in our house, they all needed new locks and as such they needed some holes filled. I had to cut some timer, ply board and use some fillers.

This required I put up my saw horse, one of those ones that have a vice built in and pegs and other attachments.

The minute this thing went up the kids were climbing all over it, under it, and generally being annoying.

They also wanted to cut stuff with the saw, undo things with the screwdrivers, and kill each other with the chisels.

As long as they’re not hurting anyone or wrecking the house I’m all for them “helping” it helps them understand these tool and their function.

Even just a rudimentary knowledge is good.


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