Recycle Bin

There must be a formula for it; You reach x number of people in the one household and your​ rubbish production out weighs the council approved bin space. 

The recycle bin is a prime example, somehow cardboard, milk containers, packaging, egg boxes, and random blank sheets of paper grow exponentially when x amount of kids appear. 

Every week we totter on the brink of a six month old alleyway dumpster, spilling onto the road “level” of garbage production. 

Our roadside pickup looks suspiciously like a graveyard with the volume of scavenger birds hanging around looking for a free meal.

I called the council and they offered two weekly pick ups, but I’m not sure I want to be one of those guys, one of those twice a week guys!

All I really wanted was a second bin, or better yet a red bin that doesn’t look like something Barbie would use in the Dreamhouse.

So moving forward all I can do is crush the boxes into wafer thin sheets and all the bottles into deformed oven effected plastic, then hope for the best.


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