As a stay at home dad it becomes increasingly evident that you should pursue some sort of pastime, something to drive your own personal interest.

In fact this is something that anyone should have not just your stay at home parent, as it’ll likely develop latent skills that you didn’t know you had, grow your social network, and quite frankly it’ll give you an out of the normal day routine.

It’s a good idea to look for something that can easily be done solo but might encourage others to join in. This way you can funnel who you want to be involved, if anyone.

There’s probably extensive “hobby” lists all over the internet, but by no means are these hard and fast suggestions, pick things that you enjoy or want to grow in your skill set. 

Look at it like making a new vocation.

Here’s a very short list of things to coincider.

  • Beer brewing – can be done solo, it has a relatively cheap start up cost, and produces something that you can consume. Not to mention the long term savings if you enjoy a cold brew at the end of a long day you can save a considerable amount to buying premium beers.
  • Fitness – this will encompass a huge array of activities, from running to gym workouts, slightly higher cost than brewing but I think the health benefits out weigh that.
  • RPG – or Role Playing Games to the uninitiated, this is by nature a social venture, generally needing three or more people to make it work. Although it has been relegated to nerd culture in the past there’s a huge number of games now available for all interests, and it’s growing in popularity with many clubs and groups arising.
  • Blogging – This pastime can in fact be free, and will also develop your writing skills, provide a valuable resource of information or memories. Not to mention you may start to grow a small community of followers.

    Those are just a few suggestions, the best suggestion is; go out and find something that spikes your interest and get into it.


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