Millennium Falcon vs Enterprise

As a parent your body will suddenly become the Millennium Falcon where it used to be the USS Enterprise.

What I mean by this is; 

The Enterprise has a huge number of people living aboard with the sole purpose of taking care of the ship, a core of engineers who manage every aspect of it’s running. 

This is like you before kids, having huge amounts of time where you can, exercise, eat healthy, be social, in fact just be a stable health human.

Where as the Millennium Falcon as akin to a rust bucket that’s held together with duct tape and hope, the two sole occupants work feverishly to keep the thing running but the chaos around them won’t give them a moment’s peace to get it sorted.

Perhaps the dream is to be the USS Enterprise, but let’s face it the Millennium Falcon is cooler.


One thought on “Millennium Falcon vs Enterprise

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