Value Systems

Kids learn about value many ways: observance, doing, and play, but sometimes you need to help them along this road by creating a system that will grow their knowledge of cost, value, and worth.

Thinking about this and the fact that I have very hands on kids who are sensory to the max, I came up with a task/reward system that emulates the real world.

A few things that I had to consider:

  1. What do my kids think represents value?
  2. How I can make it cost effective?
  3. Rules.

To put it simply we have a box with the slots, one for each kid, and every time they do something positive they get a 10ยข coin. When they get to a certain amount of coins they can choose a toy or prize.

We created a list together and agreed on tasks; putting rubbish in the bin, taking your dirty dishes to the kitchen, making your bed, etc.

As the experiment continued I discovered that kids are pretty clever, they start to manipulate the system. 

They take one bit of rubbish at a time to the bin as reach piece represents a coin, or spread the tasks or just enough to get multiple coins.

For this reason the rules need to be modified along with what tasks cost in rewards.

It can work it just needs continued maintenance.


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