You Will Do A Lot Of Cleaning

A stay at home dad you will do loads of cleaning, you’ll feel like one of those office cleaners, with Ghostbuster vacuums, all the time. In fact you’ll become so proficient at cleaning you may even think it worthwhile starting a cleaning business.

But before you jump the stay at home dad ship let’s look at some timesaving tips to make your cleaning efforts worthwhile.


Like most things in life you will require a plan with an overarching goal and a series of smaller goals to get you there.

The reason you use small goals is to break that big end result into bitesized bits, as you complete reach one you get a touch closer to the overarching result.

Your small goals should be easily achievable, let’s say you’re wanting to put all the washing away (if you’re like us your spare room looks like the laundry Charles mum works at in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory). Don’t jump headfirst in like an Olympic diver, break the thing down.

Sort the clothes into piles, perhaps into rooms they belong: wife’s clothes, each kid, and yours. Then perhaps you could fold each pile. Once folded you just have to put them away. 

Something my dad taught me about gardening applies to a lot of house hold chores; move the dirt as little possible, drop it off as close to the garden as you can, the less moving you have to do the easier and quicker it’ll be.

Try and make the task simple by breaking it into small chunks.

The order of things.

The order of things is simple, every job has an order, once you figure that out you can start and finish.

Vacuum before you mop, wash glasses before dirty dishes, create goals before you start. 

Keep on top of it.

If you do manage to get through all of your cleaning the next thing is to keep on top of it, it can be so easy to rest and let it revert to filth. If you maintain your work day in day out it’ll stay clean longer, and every successive clean will be easier.


We all have diaries or calenders on our phones and tablets, user them, create tasks or reminders. 

Match certain days with certain tasks, vacuum and mop Mondays, change bed sheets Tuesdays, put washing away Wednesdays, etc. 

This way you can predict where’s you’re up to, what needs to be done gets done, and you’re less reactive.
If you have any tips please feel free to share.


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