The Mysticism Of The Sleep Routine

Kids have a sleep routine, and often it includes an odd series of procedures that are often not logical nor bound by any structure.

For instance, our youngest requires:

  • A human presence in the room, i.e. a parent sitting or laying with her.
  • At least one fluffy, but only the one of her choosing, it’s not exclusively the same one every night.
  • Narnie, which is Darcy for a bottle.

On top of these objects and humans, she also needs to perform the following routine to summon the sleep deities, I guess.

She will imitate the actions of Animal (of Muppets fame) playing the drums, and the motions of a thrash metal enthusiast attending a concert. That’s right she thrashes her head repeatedly into her pillow, with such ferocity that we seriously fear brain and neck injuries.

Despite all of this she does manage to fall asleep and generally remain asleep.

This is not the only routine that we battle/facilitate during our own sleep routine, our two other kids perform their own special protocol. The point is that all kids, in fact, all humans have routines, not just for sleep but for many tasks, and as a parent, once you find out what the requirements in performing this ceremony are you can then start to facilitate a smooth(er) bedtime ritual.

Stick with it, they have to sleep sooner or later right?




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