Am I Being Tested?

Kids will do that to you, they’ll push you into questioning your sanity and qualifications.

As we all find out at the birth of our first child they don’t come with instructions or rules, there’s no qualifications you can get, no courses that can truly prepare you for parenthood.

It’s all on the job training, and as is the case with my entire working life, it’s in the deepest end from day one.

There are several things that kids specialise in, one of them is being annoying. They excel at it, and like most other kid things there is no preparing for it.

From having three different soundtracks running simultaneously, to an all day cryfest, you will be tested. 

Sometimes they’ll blast through the house with tap shoes on, or ride scooters into the walls and furniture, and scream murder, you will be tested.

Your patience, physical well-being, state of mind, and finances will be tested to the absolute limit. Nothing can prepare you for this level of testing, think of it like a job interview that never ends.

Or better yet; think of it like a deep-sea diving expedition where your air is running thin, a storm is brewing on the surface, and the enormous crystal laser device that destroyed Atlantis is pointed right at you. 

That’s a thing right?

In any case you will not be prepared for the s#!t storm they can bring into your life, you will be tested to the limit, but you’ll survive, they’ll get past it.

It’s all part of life’s​ rich tapestry.


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