The Gatekeeper

Simply put The Gatekeeper is the person responsible for all forms of Entertainment, Food, Activities, and Personal Liberties.

In most relationships, this role comes down to both parents but often is the case when there is one primary stay at home parent, that parent becomes The Gatekeeper. As such you will decide what food can be eaten when, what shows can be watched and when, what devices they have access to, and what activities they can attend.

As a result, or perhaps a consequence of being The Gatekeeper you will also have the added responsibility of ensuring that certain things accurate, as all shifts are your shifts you’ll be held accountable.

For instance, they will need swimming lessons, and as such you will need to, book, pay and attend said swimming lessons.

I a bum gets soiled, you’ll need to be on hand to clean it.

If a nose needs wiping and there are no tissues, you’ll need to improvise.

I never said that it was fun or easy be the all powerful Gatekeeper, as a famous spider is want to say, “With great power comes great responsability.”


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