Quieter Voices Than Loud

Apparently kids have many volumes that they can converse in, but choose only one at any one time. It’s kind of like having a bad stereo, it’s either too loud or so quite it may as well not be on.

Hell my kids will yell out when its deathly silent in our house, graveyard like silent, quieter than a library at midnight. And there they are bellowing for more water, or another ice cream, or for the TV to be turned up.

But the conversely it could be so loud in the house; the kind of loud that would challenge a construction site underneath and active runway, and they’ll all but whisper what they need. In fact if I didn’t see their mouths move I’d never have know they’d spoken. Sometimes they’ll stop mouthing things in frustration and  tug on my clothes for recognition.

Truly you can’t win with kids, it’s either volume, never in the middle where it’s socially acceptable.


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