Raising Warrior Girls

So many people comment on how strong my kids are, how resilient they can be, outgoing and tough.

If you can’t tell my girls are pretty awesome; from the powerhouse that is Darcy, to the deep emotion that Jorja possesses, to Charlie’s shear staying power and stamina.

In truth it hasn’t always been easy, and has not always been our guidance that has grown​ them into strong individuals with distinct personalities. 

But it has been our patience and understanding, it has been our ability to mentally deal with the judgement that sometimes comes with strong willed kids, it had been our growth that has enabled us to cope with some of the opposition from our kids.

And that’s all part of it really, sometimes you have to be strong to have strong kids, growth is something that the whole family will have to go through to be mutually strong.

I’d rather have strong warrior girls than fragile princesses.


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