Supernova With The Girls

So I took my girls to Supernova on Saturday to see all the wonderfully dressed cosplayers, comic stalls, movie paraphernalia and the like.

And I must say they had a great time.

It took a while for all the of them to warm up to the extremely​ severe looks of many of the people, but once they did they were asking for photo opportunities themselves.

The interesting thing was that they fairly quickly warmed too the situation and also managed to calm down rapidly when it got to be to much for them. 

Some of this was in small part to me being calm and rational with them. With simple language and a calming voice we moved on from our frustrations to enjoy the day.

The biggest highlights for the girls were clearly all of the folks dressed up, they particularly like the Disney themed people, the princesses were the biggest hit.

The girls had a great time and it demonstrated to me that sometimes even going out solo can be a great adventure if you prepare everyone.


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