Attack The Cleaning

Like an army Sargent calling in the troops to plan for the attack you need to do the same when cleaning. 

There’s rooms and rooms of mess, piles of clothes, actual garbage, mould and mildew, not to mention, dishes and clothing to wash. 

How do you get a handle on this mass of work and come out the victor?

Simple, you have a plan of attack.

Wait before you attack and think about your goal, what do you want to achieve today? How intense do you want this process to be? How deep do you want to go down this road?

Next, choose a starting point and observe the damage, once you’ve seen the task at hand choose a course of action, take single issues one at a time; remove all the rubbish, pick up all the clothes, vacuum the whole time, mob the whole room. The point being finish the job at hand before moving to the next one.

Once you’ve done what you planned to do move to the next task, room, or whatever. 

If you have a plan and stick to it you can win this war.


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