Swimming Lessons

So Jorja decided, like she does, that swimming lessons were not for her today, she’s a girl of many emotions. 

So what do you do when your kid just refuses to do the thing that they “must” do? 

Well I tried the usual things; “your friends will be there, you like the water, you’re teacher likes teaching you to swim.”

Nah, Jorja was Rock solid not having a bar of it.

So I said fine, you don’t need to swim, part defeated​ part reverse sociology. So without telling her I packed the swimmers and we left.

When we got there Charlie all but dives into the pool, full of enthusiasm, while Jorja continues to cry, “I… Don’t… Want… To… Swim…” So I say, “look there’s your teacher, you wanna go talk to her?” “Yes” sheepishly.

So we walk over and her teacher welcomes her truely joyfully.


Suddenly Jorjas ready to swim, she gets dressed and has a great lesson.

It just goes to show you that often it’s the approach that you take, or how it people approach the situation.

A calm happy demeanour can do anything.


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