Shopping With Kids

We enter the shop and my overly high expectations of being in and out quickly fade when I spy the Disney clothing range, Covergirl counter, and plush toys piled so high they’re pressing the ceiling tiles up.

I’ve learned that my organizational skills and tight agenda are for naught when you enter a shop with kids.

The evolution of shopping centre’s has been rumbling along at a great speed for 100 years, a thing that was originally focused on attracting new suburbs to spring up from the dust off random locations has changed to a money pit for parents.

On the upside I’ve learned about: Makeup, baby dolls, and the assumption that all size for shoes are made from the same mould.

Something that I’ve learnt, that seams pertinent here, is ground rules, set them early, like on the trip to the shop. Identify what you expect, what you’re going there for, what they can expect, what they can get, i.e. toys, gifts, food. 

Be resolute in your commitment, stick to the plan but be flexible when conditions dictate. And above all don’t put cash into those shopping centre rides, the wiggle car, mock fire engine, circle of rainbow unicorns. Instead wait till a sucker does it and then drive your kids towards it.


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