My kids will talk, they’ll talk no matter what the situation is, they talk in their sleep, they talk while swimming, eating, running, and jumping on the trampoline.

My kids talk so much that it gets in your head and starts to you with your emotional state, is as if tiny talkative bugs address living in your head chattering away like endlessly cycling record that’s covered in dust and scratches.

Man can they talk, they can talk like a French diplomat, or American politician, they can talk like a negotiator talking a news anchor down from the edge of a building.

What’s more challenging is that kids tend to talk all at once, it’s like walking into a pet shop full of trained patriots that are all speaking different languages all at once, each one totally engaged in their separate discussions with silent listeners.

What’s worse is when one is crying, that’s like the soundtrack to a horrible movie that you can’t follow, the plots all askew, and the creative choice to put tears into this mess was a mistake.


We preserve, that’s what parents do, that’s why the pays so good I guess. 


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