Mother Of Invention

I’m not sure about other kids but mine love to create”wonderful” things out of literal garbage. 

For instance last night Charlie was constructing a fairy house out of an old plastic Coke bottle. Now bear in mind this was at 9:30pm, not ten minutes after spending a traumatic thirty minutes puting Jorja to bed.

Now imagine she’s using a set of jewelers screwdrivers, a pair of blunt scissors and a sense of determination not seen since Elma Fudd hunted Bugs Bunny.

Tennis like grunts, as she forces screwdrivers into the ridged plastic base of the bottle, are accompanied by severe pops, the death crinkle of crushed plastic, and the tearing of bottle ribbon which is akin to peeling skin from my back.

A perfect storm for waking Jorja up.

Thankfully it didn’t wake her sister and I was able to talk her down from the edge with the promise that we’d finish the fairy house tomorrow, a joy that I truely can’t wait for, much like the coming apocalypse.


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