One More

My kids seem to have a singular vision when it comes to what they want, i.e. what food they want and the quantity.

For instance when giving Jorja some delicious lollies but only foolishly providing two of each, she throws herself onto the floor like a devotee at the hight of prostration and announces that she wanted just one more!

Naturally I stated that if she were to stand, dust the floor spice off her clothes, stop crying, apologize for throwing the ones I’d already given her, and ask nicely, she could have just one more.

Childish I know, one more right? as if I couldn’t just give her one more. I may be a little stubborn and petty, perhaps as petty as Tom Petty.

Sure enough, after one minute of floor pounding, Jorja rises and quietly says, “sorry, may I have one more?”

“Sure thing chook!”

Mission accomplished, no yelling from the adult, no anger or disappointment from me, just simple calm direction as to what I expected. 


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