Painting Nails

Darcy found some of her sisters nail polish this morning and decided that she’d like to fix herself up nice.

For several moments, I watched in dismay, as she struggled to loosen the tops, it was only after thirty of forty seconds that I felt I could relax, “good the kids are on to tight for her tiny baby arms” 

However I didn’t account for her super human strength, as I looked up from what I was doing in saw the lid come loose.

But instead of yelling “no, no, no!” I moved over to her and got down to get level.

“Darling did you want me to paint them?”

She nodded in agreement like one of those birds that bob up and down. 

With some quick strokes and simple instructions she had her nails done, with no spillage, smudges, or mess. 

Try get down to their level and help them instead of saying no.


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