That Annoying YouTube Channel

There’s a YouTube channel called Little Kelly Minecraft, now I mean no disrespect to this person(s), besides the fact they’re probably winning at life more than me, but heck is annoying.

Just to add a little flavour, there seems to be a slew of other Little characters with their own channels. 

Back to why it’s annoying to a parent.

They basic concept of these videos is (as far as I can gather); a collection “Little” characters go on quests through Minecraft environments to either rescue other “Little” characters, discover strange landmarks, or just generally make a tonne of noise.

Every video starts with a hearty scream from the eponymous character, who then starts talking non stop about the blocky world that she inhabits.

What follows is a dialogue between, one, two, or three “Little” characters, with equally annoying voices, about an inane self appointed quest. These videos seem to drive on for hours, or perhaps they are just all linked together, heck there’s more footage of these blocky figures than there are Disney princesses.

Now my eldest loves chilling to these, so do her cousins, so does every kid above the age of five. What this means is an endless tirade of screaming, joyous, exuberance that my life can’t take. 


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