Boy what can you say about punishment without drawing the ire of every group, apposed and for.

Well I think you can say that kids need to be disciplined at times, for this is how they learn the ways of the world.

But there’s a lot to be said about how you do it, of you lose your cool you’re bound to be excessive about the punishment. 

Now I’m not perfect, I’ve lost my temper with my kids, sometimes they just do stuff that pushes your buttons in ways that are incomprehensible. In fact sometimes I think they’d make perfect police interrogators. Stick a kid in the room with a perp, some textas, and a chunk of Play-Doh, and wait, sooner or later he’ll break.

But in terms of the punishment that you should issue to the kid varies, there’s a lot of factors. I feel that it needs to be comparitive to the felony they’ve committed, but not only that you should get down on their level and explain what they did wrong, why it was wrong, what you expect in the future, and what’s going to happen now.

Then carry out the punishment, and as I stated above try and be cool headed the whole time.

I like to think of Captain Picard whenever I’m dishing out punishment, he is always measured and cool headed. 

Take a look at this Twitter account for some great management toys from Captain Picard, they are really transferable to parenting and often very enlightening.

Be cool dad’s.


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